Updated 11/10/2006


Use the LOGIN link from any page to log in. Using the LOGIN link after you are logged in will give you the opportunity to change your password and or email address.


Use the LOGOUT link from any page to log out. You may simply close your active window and the program will automatically log you out after a predetermined amount of time. Using the LOGOUT link is more secure.


You will be automatically directed to your own space (directory) on this server. The name of your upload space (directory) defaults to your "user name", the name you chose when you registered.

+ You may create a sub-directory(ies) for your files. Sub-directories reside within your main directory: "user name".

+ You may upload your files to either your main "user name" directory or any of your sub-directories. (Be sure to navigate to appropriate directory first!) You can tell where you are within your directories by referring to the navigation links.
Home / user name / my cad drawings

The contents of your directories will never be visable to anyone.

+ You can upload as many files as you wish as long as each one is less than 200 megs in size. Keep in mind that certain servers impose limitations on file transfer sizes.

+ You may include a description with each file uploaded.

Direct questions regarding the use of this file transfer program to: Tech Support.